About us...

  • Barrier Waterproofing Systems is owned and operated by John Trusa and Eli Bates.  We’ve been satisfying customers’ construction and remodeling needs in the Middle Tennessee area for many years. 

  • Eli has built over 250 custom homes and has developed a reputation as one of the premier custom home builders in the Nashville metropolitan area.  Eli's attention to detail is second to none.     

  • John has been working with polymers and various plastics forming processes for more than a decade.  He is a degreed engineer and has served as Quality Control Manager and Engineering Manager at a plastics molding facility.  He developed a background in sealants and adhesives from his years working at General Electric.
It started as a need...

  • The need for the Barrier Waterproofing & Drainage System came out of necessity.  Eli was building in a popular subdivision that was known for water issues.  After building a new home that leaked, he realized that the combination of products that was recommended by a local waterproofing distributor did not work.  "I have no defense against hydrostatic pressure" Eli commented.  Eli contacted John to help find a solution.  Realizing that interior waterproofing applications merely treat the symptoms, they began to search for a proven method that would eliminate the root cause of the problem.  The product search ended upon discovering the Barrier Waterproofiing System.  The only problem was that our area did not have a "Certified Installer".   

Problem Solved...

  • Researching the market, John and Eli saw a great need for a competent and reliable waterproofing contractor with a proven  product that offers a REAL Guarantee that is dedicated to stopping the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

  • The search lead them to becoming the areas exclusive Licensee for the Barrier Waterproofing & Drainage System.  The products are made exclusively for Barrier's use, therefore you won’t find the Membrane or Drainage Board at the local lumber company nor can any other waterproofing company in the area purchase or install these products.

  • The seamless, spray applied Waterproofing Membrane will give you walls that are truly dry!  This coupled with our special Drainage Board and the BARRIER DRAINAGE SYSTEM provides the homeowner with foundation walls that are Guaranteed Dry.  Put very bluntly…..IT WORKS!
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