Your “system” sounds expensive. Is it?
Barrier Dual Drainage basement waterproofing systems cost about the same as those band aid interior systems. In many instances our system is found to be even less.

Why can’t I just install larger downspouts and make the problem go away?
We understand your thinking but the answer is no.  Larger gutters and downspouts, re-grading, burying downspouts, French drains, and even concrete have all been tried and have failed.  You must understand that the problem is not topical, it’s subsurface.

Your System seems complex, how long does it take to do a job?
Our basement waterproofing systems are very complex. Our experienced field personnel can install the average system in about 2 to 4 days..

I have an interior system and it always fails during larger storms. Why?
Because your system is overrun and simply cannot handle everything that Mother Nature throws at it.

My interior system is supposed to be guaranteed. Why won't X-XXX fix my problem?  
Read the fine print in your contract.  They physically CANNOT fix your problem from the INSIDE!  I would imagine the contract reads: This warranty does not cover backing up or plugging of sewers; floods; condensation caused by high humidity, damp spot discoloration of walls; or sump pumps.   

What about your system; will it get “overrun” also?
Positively not!  Our system has been designed to handle much more than the projected worse case scenario.

Really, what makes your system so good?
The exclusive products we use really work…period! Just read our guarantee, published on this site, and then read any of our competitors’ guarantees. Make sure to read all their fine print as well.

I’ve talked to another waterproofing company and the salesman said his system would end my problems “forever.” Is that possible?
Talk is cheap.  Just be sure you get an exact copy of their guarantee and please read every word before signing a contract.

The same salesman told me that my walls would still be wet but I would never have to mop up the water again.  Isn’t this want I want…no more cleaning up the mess after a long hard day?
Not exactly.  Interior systems merely redirect the water after it penetrates the foundation walls.  The water comes in and is captured and redirected leaving the walls wet. 

Why should I be concerned with wet or discolored walls?
If the walls are wet or “discolored” due to moisture you should be extremely concerned.  A foundation wall is like a sponge and it will hold moisture.  This can lead to BIGGER PROBLEMS!

What do you mean by “Bigger Problems”?
STRUCTURAL DECAY, HEALTH RISKS, AND POOR RESALE VALUE.  Building materials and water don’t mix and MOLD begins growing within 24 to 36 hours of a water leak.

MOLD is known to grow on cheese, just cut it off and eat the cheese.  Why should I be concerned with MOLD?
There are many different types of mold and some are extremely TOXIC.  Again, we don’t ask that you to take our word for anything.  Simply pick up the phone and call your physician and ask about the dangers associated with “TOXIC” or “BLACK MOLD”.

Will my homeowner’s insurance policy pay for these repairs?
Sorry, but the answer is NO.  Your policy won’t pay for any repair, no matter what type.  But please don’t take our word for it.  Get your policy out and read what it says for yourself.

I’m selling my house and the foundation leaks every time it rains and I’m looking for the cheapest “fix” I can get.  What’s wrong with taking the “low bid” and selling the house?
We don’t profess to be legal advisors but suggest that you consult with a Real Estate Attorney and propose the same question.  We think you’ll be shocked at your potential liability if the leak persists.

OK then, I’ll just sell the house “as is”.  That should take care of the liability issue, right?
Only if you disclose to the buyer that the foundation leaks.  Many folks think that “as is” means not disclosing existing problems…they’re wrong!  If you are selling “as is” you must disclose any and all existing problems or you could be held liable for failure to disclose.  Just ask your attorney to verify what we are saying.

Will this be a “messy” process?
As with any construction, yes.   The big difference is that our “mess” is confined to the outside of your home.  We assure you there will be no workers or mess inside your home and nobody will be knocking on your door asking to use your bathroom or looking for a glass of water.  No foul language, no loud and annoying music, and absolutely no trash left behind…period!  We are professionals every step of the way.  Our promise is to treat your home as we would our own.

This all sounds good.  Can you give me a price over the phone?
That would be no more possible than your doctor treating you over the phone.  Every house is different and must be inspected prior to rendering a price.

I guess that makes sense.  But will you “hound” me after I call and subsequently meet with you?
We aren’t “professional salespeople” and we don’t play those games. We are simply hard working contractors and professionals in the industry of waterproofing. Nashville based Barrier Waterproofing Systems will inspect your problem, show you what we do, and render our opinion. After all, it’s your home and your decision, not ours.

How soon can you install your system if I agree to go forward?
That all depends on our workload at that time. We make it a policy to never “bump” any of our basement waterproofing systems in favor of another customer.

We have attempted to answer the most common questions we have been asked about waterproofing. Nashville and Cookeville residents who have further questions should feel free to communicate with us by using the “contact us” button on this site. Or, if you prefer, just give us a call at 615-257-1060 or 931-536-1168. We would be delighted to intelligently answer any and all of your questions without any obligation on your part.

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