Our Exterior Basement Waterproofing System:

The Barrier Drainage System goes above and beyond other basement waterproofing systems because it combines 3 components on the outside of your foundation to solve your problem - Guaranteed!

Barrier Membrane:
  • Proprietary Asphalt Emulsion Sealant
  • Spray Applied to seamlessly protect the foundation from the outside
  • Environmentally safe - no solvents
  • Developed exclusively for existing homes

Barrier Drainage Board:
  • Protects membrane when backfilling
  • Eliminates hydrostatic pressure on foundation walls
  • Drains up to 237 gallons of water per linear foot per hour
  • Provides R-10 insulating value for warmer basements
  • Moves dew point from inside of house to outside walls

Barrier Footer Drains:
  • Strip Drain - made of rigid polymer core of engineered cones
  • Uses non-woven geo-textile filter fabric to strain soil particles
  • Self contained Barrier flow footer drain
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  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee

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The Barrier Drainage System is applied to the exterior foundation walls of wet basements and crawl spaces. Our exterior waterproofing system stops water from ever entering the structure. We excavate to the footer and thoroughly clean it so that the waterproofing membrane will sufficiently adhere to the concrete walls. Any holes, cracks, or broken mortar joints are patched before the membrane is applied.  The waterproofing membrane is an actual basement waterproofing product that can be applied to green concrete and stops hydrostatic pressure. (Note: a waterproofing membrane will stop hydrostatic pressure while a damp proofing membrane will not.)

After the membrane is applied, we create paths of least resistance to move water vertically and horizontally along the foundation walls. The drainage board allows water to move in a vertical direction. It is easier for water to flow through the drainage board than it is through soil or clay, so water follows the path of the drainage board.

The footer drains capture the water coming off of the drainage board and moves it horizontally and away from your property. This is accomplished with gravity and a path of lesser resistance.

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